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Rajmahal Theatre

Rajmahal Theatre, the opulent theatre at Bollywood™ Parks Dubai, the largest integrated theme park destination in the region has a capacity of 856 seats. This landmark set in the heart and soul of Bollywood Parks™ Dubai has all the grandeur and poise of ancient Indian cinema with new-age technology.

The design draws inspiration from the royal palaces of India and creates a lavish backdrop for live shows. Featuring several shows a week, this venue will play host to the region’s first, Broadway-style Bollywood musical Jaan-e-Jigar!

The Rajmahal Theatre will also play host to private weddings, corporate and other events. If you’d like to host your memorable event here, do drop us a line on


Jaan-e-Jigar is a one of a kind Bollywood musical packed with the perfect amount of Bollywood masala in a spectacular two-hour show! Set in the royal town of Ishqabad, this musical extravaganza will take you through the fantasy tale of two brothers named Jaan and Jigar, in a classic story of good vs evil.

This magnum opus revolves around the 8 key characters whose journey explores a larger than life world, full of magic, drama, music, dance, color and all things ‘Bollywood.

Come experience Jaan-e-Jigar the region’s first Broadway style Bollywood Musical premiering December 2016.

Presenting the stars of our show

The Benevolent King and father of two, Salamat Shah
Marjaani, the treacherous sister whose appetite for power holds no bounds.
A favourite among the ladies and a fearless warrior, Jigar Shiraz.
Jaanbaz, the charming prince brought up to rule the kingdom.
The conniving Jester Nashook, who’s love for the evil Marjani is beyond compare.
Jugnu, the guardian whose loyalty to his kingdom and king is his life.
The enchanting beauty Gulpari, who steals the heart of the Heir to the Kingdom.
The fiery temptress Jharna, whose love for a certain pirate takes her on a journey to the Kingdom of love.

Show Schedule

Date 7:00 PM to 09:30 PM 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM
February 1st
February 2nd
February 3rd
February 8th
February 9th
February 10th
February 14th
February 15th
February 16th
February 17th
February 22nd
February 23rd
February 24th
Date 7:00 PM to 09:30 PM 8:00 PM to 10:30 PM
March 1st
March 2nd
March 3rd
March 8th
March 9th
March 10th
March 15th
March 16th
March 17th