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terms and conditions

Tickets terms and conditions


  1. These Terms and Conditions apply to the online sale of Tickets to one or more of Dubai Parks and Resorts (“DPR”) theme parks.

Offers/Contract Conclusion

  1. Our offers are subject to change without notice and should be interpreted only as invitations to treat. In order to make a binding offer, purchasers must follow the online purchase instructions, input the required information correctly and accept these.
  2. Contracts may be regarded as concluded only after DPR sends a purchase confirmation email, which will be sent by DPR after receipt of the order and payment of the purchase price via the payment service provided. DPR may withdraw from a contract if the respective price is not paid without delay after a purchaser has been requested to do so.
  3. If payments are subsequently cancelled by the purchaser, or if objections are raised against the debiting of a credit card, or if discrepancies are found during the ordering process, DPR may cancel the Tickets and refuse entry to the relevant park(s).

Tickets and Annual Passes

  1. The purchaser must independently ensure that he/she prints the E-Ticket in a readable manner and presents it on entry on their first visit to the relevant park(s).
  2. The Ticket/Annual Pass entitles the holder to admission to the selected theme park(s) for the duration of the validity period of the Ticket/Annual Pass and subject to the available usage entitlements associated with the Ticket/Annual Pass.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, Multi-park Tickets expire 7 days after their first use, subject to the admissions entitlements associated with the Ticket.
  4. Tickets/Annual Passes are not transferable, refundable or exchangeable and cannot be offered for resale.
  5. A Ticket purchaser may purchase Tickets only for his/her own personal use and/or that of his/her Guest(s).
  6. Unless otherwise stated, Open Dated Tickets expire 180 days after date of purchase.
  7. Unless otherwise stated, Dated Tickets must be used on/or by the date indicated on the Ticket. 
  8. Unless otherwise stated, Multi-park/Multi-day Tickets are valid for 7 days from first use and first use must occur prior to Ticket expiration date.  Each day of use constitutes one full day of use. 
  9. Unless otherwise stated, Tickets do not include parking fees or a designated parking space. Parking is subject to availability. 
  10. Each theme park, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to vary the opening and closing dates and times of the attractions and to close, remove or cancel all or any part of the rides, events or facilities within the attractions for any reason including, but not being limited to technical, health and safety and/or operational reasons or due to special events or private functions. For the avoidance of doubt, the full value or any part of the value of the Ticket/Annual Pass will not be refunded nor will any compensation be payable if any of the advertised attractions are removed or closed during the year.
  11. The authorised holder of the Ticket/Annual Pass must present the Ticket/Annual Pass upon entering the park(s).
  12. Refunds are not available in any circumstances. 
  13. In the case of a lost Ticket, DPR may allow the visitor to enter the park(s) if the identity of the visitor can be confirmed to DPR’s satisfaction and the Ticket is not used yet. The loss of an Annual Pass must be reported immediately to DPR.
  14. The Annual Pass permits entry to the selected theme park(s) only.
  15. Each Annual Pass holder will be issued with his/her own Annual Pass on presentation of an official E-Ticket. The E-Ticket is valid for redemption until 30th April 2017. 
  16. The E-Ticket is NOT your Annual Pass. Please exchange the E-Ticket for your official Annual Pass on your first visit to the relevant park. Our Guest Services team will be delighted to assist you. 
  17. On exchange of the E-Ticket, the Annual Pass entitles the holder to admission to the selected park(s) for a period of 365 days from the date of redemption. Please check opening and closing times before visit. 
  18. The Annual Pass does not include parking fees and parking is subject to availability. 
  19. The VIP Annual Pass includes parking fees and parking is subject to availability.