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    Play Zones

    You Are Guaranteed An Out Of This World Experience At Neon Galaxy, With Exciting Activities For All Ages, From Toddlers To Tweens! Reach For The Stars And Dare To Take On Feats And Challenges, Including A Multi-level Activity Area Where You Get To Climb, Slide And Jump. Ninja Courses, Wipe Out Zones, Ball Pits And So Much More.

    Neon Galaxy Astro Arena Play Zones

    Astro Arena

    A gargantuan play zone for guests above 98cm in height, Astro Arena is breath-taking in scale. You won’t know what planet you’re on as you get to grips with this cosmic world of physical challenges and obstacles. Take a deep breath and get set to navigate zones so awesome you won’t want to return to earth!

    Neon Galaxy Little Astronauts Play Zones

    Little Astronauts

    A big welcome to our smallest visitors! Little Astronauts promises them a stellar adventure, where youngsters under 98cm in height can let their imaginations soar in a safe, interactive and highly stimulating environment.

    Play Stations

    Prepare To Get Physical! Your Adrenaline Will Pump And Your Pulse Will Race As You Navigate Your Way Around A Space-themed Wonderland Of Slides, Obstacles, Jumps And Challenges. These Are Adventures You Can Make Your Very Own, Whether Enjoying Them Solo Or As Group.

    Neon Galaxy Ball Pit Play Station

    Ball Pit

    Little people will get to experience both physical and mental stimulation playing with thousands of colourful balls in this space-themed pit. Smiles and giggles guaranteed!


    Neon Galaxy Space Jungle Play Station

    Space Jungle

    Adventure seekers everywhere, get ready to embark on a major-scale cosmic quest at Space Jungle. Count down to an out of this world experience where your imagination can go galactic as you take on a breathtaking array of challenges.


    Neon Galaxy Gravity Forrest Play Station

    Gravity Forest

    A perfect place for our young adventurers, Gravity Forest offers climbing structures, obstacles and fun play areas, providing little ones with a sensory and physical activity zone that will keep them entertained for hours.


    Neon Galaxy Solar Storm Play Station

    Solar Storm

    An activity-packed playzone where you get to take part in epic battles as a squad. It’s an arena where only the best will win. Do you have enough competitive spirit to come out as the victor?


    Neon Galaxy Parkour Planet Play Station

    Parkour Planet

    Unleash your inner athlete, - leap, climb, swerve and grapple your way around strategically placed obstacles. It’s a challenge of skill and adrenaline pumping action – an adventure to make your very own.


    Neon Galaxy Slide Central Play Station

    Slide Central

    There are slides, slides and more slides at Slide Central, so many, you won’t know which to choose first. One thing’s for sure, you’re guaranteed thrills galore in this special interactive hub.


    Birthday Parties

    There’s No Better Place To Hold A Birthday Celebration Than Neon Galaxy Indoor Playworld, Where A Truly Out Of This World Experience Is Guaranteed. Gather Your Guests And Create Unforgettable Memories In This Inter-galactic Wonderland. We Offer Dedicated Party Rooms, Action Packed Activities And A Whole Load Of Thrilling Surprises That Will Make Your Day Totally Epic.

    Neon Galaxy Birthday Astro Arena

    Astro Arena

    Get set for a birthday celebration that’s truly out of this world! Bring your friends for an inter-stellar experience in one of our dedicated party rooms and enjoy all the wonderful cosmic adventures that Astro Arena offers.

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    Neon Galaxy Birthday Little Astronauts

    Little Astronauts

    Give your little one a special day that they’ll always remember. We offer a private party zone immersed in a dynamic sensory-filled space themed area where they can mingle with their friends and play, play, play to their heart’s content. This will be a happy happy happy birthday!

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    This Is The Perfect Haven For Parents Who Can Enjoy Our Menu Of Fabulous Coffees And Tasty Treats As Their Kids Explore Our Myriad Cosmic Wonders. It’s Ideally Positioned On A Mezzanine Floor Overlooking The Activity Area, So Keeping An Eye On Littles Ones While You Indulge Is Easy And Convenient.

    Neon Galaxy Cosmic Cafe

    Cosmic Café

    Our Café menu features gourmet burgers, savoury wraps, salads, pizzas, fries and mozzarella sticks. One of the lounge spaces is ideally positioned on a mezzanine floor overlooking the activity area, so keeping an eye on little ones while you indulge is easy.

    Neon Galaxy Cosmic Play Ground