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Retail Therapy LEGO® style

Boost Your Lego® Collection With A Purchase From The Big Shop, Our Minifigure Market, Or Pick-a-brick. It’s A Lego® Shopping Experience That Dreams Are Made Of!

The Photo Shop

Pick up your fabulous souvenir photos from our Photo Shop which is located at FACTORY Zone.


LEGO® Friends Shop

The largest collection of Friends under one roof, you’re bound to find a set that’s perfect for you.


King’s Market

Become your favourite fairytale character in a place where knights and princesses rule! Bring your castle story to life by finding swords, shields and lots of other items in your imaginative fantasy quest.



Choose your preferred bricks from our fabulous “Pick-A-Brick” lets you choose from a vast selection of loose bricks, while engraving personalizes your favorite piece for a unique LEGO® souvenir.


Minifigure Market

Get creative and make your own unique LEGO® character by combining different body parts! You can be sure no one else will have the same special model!


The BIG Shop

A must visit for LEGO® fans of all ages, this is the largest selection of LEGO® toy sets under one roof anywhere! Choose from a huge variety and take home a souvenir of your amazing day.

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