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LEGO® Comes Alive With Adventures Galore

So Many Bricks, So Little Time! Legoland® Dubai Is A Riot Of Interactive Fun, With Over 40 Lego® Themed Attractions, Building Experiences And Shows. There’s So Much Happening It’ll Be Hard To Know Where To Start. Take Your First Brick, And Build Yourself A Fabulous Day To Remember!

Legoland Dubai Map
Legoland Factory Zones


Tour The Lego® Factory And Visit The Big Shop!

A true highlight of your visit to LEGOLAND® Dubai, on this tour you get to see how LEGO bricks are actually made! It’s LEGO wizardry at its finest, revealing all of our manufacturing secrets! You can then visit The BIG Shop, which houses the largest collection of LEGO anywhere in the entire world! This is definitely a LEGO lover’s dream, and it’s one about to come true for you. Get ready for an experience you’ll never forget.


Interactive Fun Where You’re In Control!

Imagine being able to fly a LEGO® plane or steer a LEGO® boat? LEGO® CITY offers the chance to do just that, as well as a host of other exciting and interactive adventures. You can even earn your own LEGOLAND® Driving License! Who knew LEGO® could be experienced on such a large and impressive scale? It’s all here for you to explore and enjoy, so get in the driving seat and see where it takes you.

Legoland Lego City Zones
Legoland Imagination Zones


Action Packed Adventure

This is where the action is, so get set for a mind whirling brickstastic bout of energetic forces! You can race LEGO® cars and build with LEGO® MINDSTORMS robotics. You can spin to your hearts content on LEGO® Technic Twister or hoist your way up the Kid Power Towers before free-falling as you take in the best views of the entire Park. A must visit destination for everyone who loves LEGO® bricks! We’ll see you there.


A Medieval Land Of Quests & Challenges

Enter a medieval land of thrills galore where the highlight is an exhilarating fast paced gallivant on a Dragon coaster through the ruler’s castle. For younger kids there’s the Dragon’s Apprentice – smaller in scale, but just as much of a jaunt! Merlin’s challenge offers a family experience like no other as you bond together to take on the ultimate quest! Are you up for it?

Legoland Kingdoms Zones
Legoland Adventure Zones


Calling All Young Explorers – Serious Action Guaranteed

Some of these adventures are on water, and it’s an experience like no other. You’ll be taking part in some serious  action, experiencing murky depths on a special submarine cruise, power skiing on wave racers  and being chased by strategic water blasts. Then, you’ll journey like a true pirate through ancient temple ruins in the hunt for a pharoah’s stolen treasure. Will you find it? Unleash your inner adventurer at LEGOLAND® Dubai! Dodge playful water blasts on Wave Racers, uncover secrets treasures in Lost Kingdom Adventure ruins, or embark on an underwater mission at Submarine Adventure. Little heroes can explore vibrant aquatic life at Discovery Centre Aquarium, and build their courage at Adventure Base Camp or Pharaoh’s Revenge. Truly an epic journey for little ones!


Bringing Lego® Alive, Your Way

Wanna see what a staggering 20 million LEGO® bricks can build? Look no further than MINILAND, the heart of every LEGOLAND® Park. Here you’ll find some of the Middle East’s key landmarks, including Dubai’s iconic skyline and you can bring them alive at the touch of a button. Build a City, will satisfy your itch to create – you get to construct an evolving city skyline with LEGO® bricks. This is a LEGO® project like no other!

Legoland Miniland Zones
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